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Behind the Sandals

I’m Matt Paisley. Since 1993, I’ve been a high school teacher, cross country coach, and an avid runner. Up until 10 years ago, I was running in standard shoes, and constantly endured injuries and discomfort. Then came the last straw - a herniated disc in my lower back. Heel striking in shoes became unbearable. I found relief in sandals.

Along with rest and physical therapy, sandals helped me bounce back into running. I have been injury free for 10 years, and want others to experience this as well! As a long-time craftsman, I took my idea to the workshop, and have been perfecting the running sandal ever since. The process has not been easy, and I have learned more about the human foot than I thought possible. If I were to share a few things I have learned, these would be them:

Handcrafting is essential. Running sandals especially, which take a beating during every run, need to be custom-made. Everybody's foot is unique. The straps should be placed perfectly to match your foot. I guarantee my sandals, and will either refund the sale price or craft you a new pair of sandals if you're not happy.

The sandals need to be perfect for every unique foot. Whether you have a small foot or large foot, a tendency to pronate or supinate, a flat-foot or high arch, every person’s foot is different. Each runner needs a unique shoe. For this reason, I have customers trace their foot and send me the dimensions (you will see at check-out).

Lastly, a craftsman needs to love his craft. I am passionate about what I do, and put my heart and soul into each pair of sandals.

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