Custom, handmade sandals

Customer Feedback

"So the sandals came and they are awesome. So beautiful and comfortable. Thank you, we are both really happy with them. I haven't had a chance to run much in them yet but i wore them all of today and they feel great. Thank you again for your work, we love what you do!!!"

"Great, comfy, well-made sandals. Nice to find someone with a real passion for what he does, but only charges a fraction of the price for basically custom made kicks. Matt also stands behind his product 100%. So great! Sandals are beautiful to wear!"

"My wife and I decided to try out sandals to change things up for our trail runs. We have both been out a few times with our new Paisley sandals, and we love them. The sandals stay tight to the feet, and give you a great feel for the ground."

"I have tried most of the huarache style running sandals out there and I feel Paisley Sandals are one of the best. Styling is similar, but I find these hold my foot in place the best while running and are very easy to slip on. Very easy to adjust if needed. Great communication and service from Matt as well. Much success."

"Thank you very much for the prompt service and delivery. The sandals fit fine and are well constructed. If I ever have a need for another pair, it is highly likely that I will buy them from you."

"When you're into running and want more being connected to your feet and the earth while running, then this sandal is for you. Changing cold turkey from conventional running shoes is not recommended. So yes for me this type of running with almost bare feet is giving a new dimension to being outside, breathing and running all the while feeling this nice breeze on top of my feet. Plus they look elegant too on my feet. Read Matt Paisley's website about getting very gradually into this type of running. Great service and knowledge!"