Custom, handmade sandals made from a trace.
  • 1 1/2" Polyester & Repurposed Inner Tube Belt

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    Take a look at the color offerings and describe the color choice. I'll custom order it to match. Please see attached color swatches.
    Just tell me your waist size in inches. The belt will fit w/ about 6" to spare for adjustment.

    Polyester Utility Belt

    I made this belt on a whim and it's become my favorite accessory.  The belt is made to order from new 1 1/2" polyester webbing & repurposed bicycle inner tube.  The webbing is cut to size, glued, doubled up & sewn.  I sew 12" of repurposed inner tube at the end of the belt to eliminate any slippage as it goes trough the tri-glide buckle.  The result is a super strong, long lasting all purpose belt which is super easy to adjust.

    The webbing comes in 72 different colors.  I'll gradually build up my stock of webbing colors.  Initially I'll need about 5 days to order in the desired webbing color for each belt.  Each belt is custom cut and made per your waist size.

    Super fun colors to add a little splash to your outfit.  Have fun and try a crazy color!