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  • Polyester 7 Hole

    Email pic of your foot trace per youTube video Paisley Running Sandals - Graph paper. Please be sure the graph paper is 4 squares per inch!
    Shoe Size

    The 7-Hole is really popular.  The fixed straps near the toes are pulled over a stock shoe last that matches your base.  

    The webbing across the toe is fixed like a flip flop or original.  I've taken to using leather for the fixed toe straps.  Unlike polyester, they will stretch to fit if they're too tight out of the box.  The brown, black or tan leather will complement the polyester cross straps.  The other two polyester straps are fully adjustable.  The 7-Hole is better for people who want a little more support or just like the look.  For serious runners, please consider the Toe Buckle or Buckle Tie.  (Few straps & less friction)

    Check out pinterest, facebook &/or instagram (Paisley Running Sandals) to see the hundreds of color possibilities I've created.

    Graph paper trace picture required:  With this picture I'm able to make a custom sandal for a very accessible price.  (see youTube Paisley Running Sandals - Graph Paper Measurement).  Just email me a picture of the trace and I can recreate your foot in my shop.  Please just trace it on standard 1/4" graph paper. 

    I sew silicone elastic on the heel webbing to reduce slippage and hold tension through the tri-glide buckle. 

    The tread is either ~6mm Soletech, Vibram and Walkbase or equal.  I sew a non-slip base onto the rubber.  Memory foam is a $5 option.  It adds a 1/8" bit of foam between the non-slip grip and hard midsole.  As always it's cut to fit per your supplied measurements.  Just tell me your application and I'll put the appropriate tread on it.  It's completely resoleable over the years.

    I have dozens of possible color combinations.  See color swatch pictures of 1/2" options.  If you're patient I'm always happy to match and order exactly what you're looking for.  You can go directly to my webbing supplier ( to find your favorite color combo (webbing, polyester, 1/2" or 3/8" picture quality polyester webbing). 

    The end result is a very stable, supportive & fashionable sandal.  Wear them loose to kick around or tight for hiking.  They can even be resoled and reconditioned when the time comes.  A truly sustainable sandal which will perform for hundreds of miles. 

    Please note, due to excessive shipping costs I typically only ship w/in the USA.  Please contact me if you're willing to pay for international shipping.  It's typically prohibitively expensive, but I'm willing to get a quote and pass the shipping cost to the buyer.