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  • Blank Slate HD Waxed Canvas & Leather Apron

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    Blank Slate Waxed Canvas and Leather Heavy Duty Work Apron

    My leather working friends have asked for just a blank apron.  No pockets or harness.  

    I started making these aprons for myself in my custom sandal shop.  Each apron is made out of the highest quality 15 oz Waxed Canvas and 12 oz Black Denim.  I then add leather to reinforce the grommet area.  

    The apron is double thick.  It sewn like a pillow and pulled right side out and double edge stitched.

    I sew (HD 92 Bonded Nylon thread) and rivet the veg tanned leather pockets to the front of the waxed canvas.  '

    This thing is NOT a cheap single layer of waxed canvas.  I buy only the thickest, top of the line waxed canvas from Big Duck Canvas.  The waxed canvas can be re-waxed as needed.  

    Handmade in Colorado!  This apron is for serious work!  It will last decades and it's priced accordingly. 

    Thanks for your consideration.