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    Print my 1/4" graph paper, trace your barefoot, mark toe dot, take picture and email to me.

    I built these for my lovely daughter.  Though you could certainly run in these, (the Greeks did!) I made them for my line of fashion / street sandals.  They are from a simple and classic design that has been around for thousands of years.  You can get these online from many places but I'm the only one I'm aware of that builds them custom, one at a time, to fit your foot.  I use a customer supplied trace to make them custom for each customer.

    I basically can make whatever you want.  The leather is a beautiful waxed version. (black, brown & tan)  It's very thin yet strong.  It will age and soften with time.  I hand skive the edges and rivet the straps together.  The veg tanned base it hand cut and ground with 1/8" extra to fit each foot perfectly.  I'm also happy to glue & sew a non-slip base instead of the veg tanned leather.  The tread is typically a 4mm street pattern.  I can also build you a small heel to extend the life of the sole.  (It also tends to keep the foot forward w/ each step.)

    I'm also very passionate about building sandals which can be serviced for many years.  Any qualified local cobbler can easily resole and service these sandals if you don't want to mail them back to me.  The riveted straps can all easily be serviced when the time comes.

    I'm confident you'll find these classic sandals to be as functional as they are beautiful.