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  • Original Leather Wrap Sandal

    Please make sure you do your barefoot trace on graph paper which is 4 squares per inch! See youTube Paisley Running Sandals - Graph paper trace

    Per multiple customer requests, I've decided to bring back 'The Original'.  This is essentially the first barefoot sandal I ran in 10 years ago.  It's modeled after the original Tarahumara sandals which got the minimalist movement going.  

    I glue and stitch thin veg tanned leather on top of a stiff 1/8" rubber midsole.  I then glue and hand stitch the trail rubber base to the bottom.  I provide 1/4" leather & nylon 72" hiking lace.  The customer can easily switch out to suit their taste.  The lace is then wrapped 3x around the ankle and tied off to the main lace on the top of the foot.  The lace will eventually wear out but the base will last for decades and can easily be resoled by any local cobbler.

    Standard barefoot trace on 1/4" graph paper is required like all my other sandals.

    Enjoy tradition!

    Please note, due to excessive shipping costs I typically only ship w/in the USA.  Please contact me if you're willing to pay for international shipping.  It's typically prohibitively expensive, but I'm willing to get a quote and pass the shipping cost to the buyer.