Custom, handmade sandals
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    Trace your barefoot outline on a piece of standard 1/4" graph paper and email me the scan or picture of the trace.

    After several customer requests, I've decided to create a sandal without a flip-flop style toe piece.  This will also allow you to wear them in the winter with regular socks.  As with the 7-Hole, the toe piece is fixed but the other straps are infinitely adjustable.  I use top quality latigo oil tanned 8 oz Pitka Leather.  Just email me a picture of your barefoot 1/4" graph paper trace.  (see above pictures, youtube or email for instructions)  Please make sure you are using 1/4" graph paper.  Please measure to make sure the paper you printed out is exactly 4 squares per inch!  You can keep it classic and go all brown or black, or a fun color combo.  I currently only stock black and brown but I can get any of the Pitka Leather's 13 colors (see pic).  If you're patient I can order in any of their colors.  

    The center strap on the instep is nylon to add non-stretching strength and to travel through the outside buckle.  It is fully adjustable.  Color will complement the main leather color.

    The base is the same as my other sandals.  I pre-curve (cant) them so they press into your toe and heel so they don't feel 'floppy'.  The tread is also the same (see picture).  I offer a trail option (zig/zag or equally aggressive) or street option (less aggressive).  

    The slider is great for general flat running / walking / hiking.

    Please note, due to excessive shipping costs I typically only ship w/in the USA.  Please contact me if you're willing to pay for international shipping.  It's typically prohibitively expensive, but I'm willing to get a quote and pass the shipping cost to the buyer.