Handmade Custom Sandals
  • Ring Slider

    Trace your barefoot outline on a piece of standard 1/4" graph paper and email me the scan or picture of the trace.

    After several customer requests, I've decided to create a sandal without a flip-flop style toe piece.  This will also allow you to wear them in the winter with regular socks.  After much trial and error I've figured out how to spit the toe strap so it's adjustable.  The mil spec webbing goes through a tri-glide buckle w/ 2 small brass screws to 'bite' into the webbing.  I use top quality latigo oil tanned 8 oz Pitka Leather or strong polyester webbing.  The toe webbing is 1 1/2".  The ring and buckle allow easy adjustment.

    As w/ all my other sandals, I can do hard or memory foam base, trail or street tread.  I can even do suede, sheepskin, veg tanned leather base.

    Just email me a picture of your barefoot 1/4" graph paper trace.  (see above pictures, youtube or email for instructions)  Please make sure you are using 1/4" graph paper.  Please measure to make sure the paper you printed out is exactly 4 squares per inch!  You can keep it classic and go all brown or black, or a fun color combo.  I currently only stock black and brown but I can get any of the Pitka Leather's 13 colors (see pic).  If you're patient I can order in any of their colors.  Please just give me a couple days to make whatever you desire!

    The base is the same as my other sandals.  I pre-curve (cant) them so they press into your toe and heel so they don't feel 'floppy'.  The tread is also the same (see picture).  I offer a trail option (zig/zag or equally aggressive) or street option (less aggressive).  

    The slider is great for general flat running / walking / hiking.