• The Pharaoh

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    Download / Print / Buy 1/4" graph paper and trace your barefoot. Mark dot between big & 2nd toe. Email me picture of trace.

    I made these on a whim after coming across some ancient Mediterranean sandal sketches.  They're definitely not made for running but they'll last for years and are fully serviceable by your local cobbler.  They're custom built per your provided trace, just like my running sandals.  

    The dark brown leather is a special waxed tack leather.  It's thin but strong so you don't feel the leather under your feet.  They're built to just slide on like flip flops.  The straps are supposed to be a little loose but the leather will stretch to fit over time if too tight.  The black cord is high strength, low stretch 550 paracord. 

    I sew the veg tanned leather to the hard rubber midsole so they can be re-soled by any local cobbler when the time comes.  The rubber street tread is glued and ground to match perfectly.

    Since the mid strap is fixed, please indicate if you have a high, normal or flat arch.  I will build accordingly.

    I stand behind my sandals 100%.  I will repair them or refund you if you're not happy.