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  • Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Apron

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    Waxed Canvas and Leather Heavy Duty Work Apron

    I started making these aprons for myself in my custom sandal shop.  Each apron is made out of the highest quality 15 oz Waxed Canvas and 12 oz Black Denim.  I then add brass snaps, rings, buckles and rivets.  The back harness is made from veg tanned leather straps and soft cotton rope.  The leather pockets and harness is made from conditioned veg tanned leather.  It will patina with age.  The black cotton rope is shipped long w/ the intention of cutting to fit.

    The second picture was custom made for a butcher friend.  It just shows you what's possible.  Feel free to communicate exactly what you need and I'll do my best.

    The apron is double thick.  It's sewn like a pillow and pulled right side out and double edge stitched.

    I sew (HD 92 Bonded Nylon thread) and rivet the veg tanned leather pockets to the front of the waxed canvas.  

    This thing is NOT a cheap single layer of waxed canvas.  I buy only the thickest, top of the line waxed canvas from Big Duck Canvas.  The waxed canvas can be re-waxed as needed.  It is fully adjustable with minimal effort.  Heavy duty brass snaps and conway buckles will last decades.  

    I developed my own Y style harness after getting tired of the weight on my neck like a standard apron.  I only make one apron per week in my basement and garage.  I only make them in the late fall and winter when the sandal business slows down.  I made everything myself and I'm very proud of my work.  Each apron represents about 8 hours of cutting, sewing & riveting.  Handmade in Colorado!  This apron is for serious work!  It will last decades and it's priced accordingly. 

    Thanks for your consideration.