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  • Z Slider

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    Email me a picture of your barefoot trace on 1/4" graph paper. You can buy it or print it from my website. Provide any special instructions or time constraints.
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    The Z Slider represents years of trial and error to find a stable running sandal that doesn't go between the big and second toe.  The Z Slider checks all the boxes.  Most of the webbing is one piece of super soft yet strong tubular nylon that travels through several modified tri glide buckles.  The whole system is completely adjustable.  It's perfect for flat to moderate roads, sidewalks, trails & those looking to wear regular socks.

    The requisite tubular nylon only comes in black, purple, royal blue, blaze orange and neon yellow.  The regular poly webbing I use has an edge that can dig into the toe area when tight.  The tubular nylon is soft and won't do that.

    The base is essentially the same as all my sandals.  It comes with a standard hard non-slip grip or thin memory foam.  The black rubber tread is either a 5mm zig-zag Vibram trail tread or a 4mm street tread (smoother/less aggressive).

    Once it's adjusted you can just pull it on and off.

    Like all my sandals they are built from a customer supplied picture of their barefoot trace on 1/4" graph paper.  They are 100% guaranteed and fully serviceable for thousands of miles.