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Foot Measurement

The sandals need to be perfectly fit.  To get this perfect fit, look at the pictures, video, and written instructions below. After you understand the process, email me a picture of your graph paper trace.  You can download and print the 1/4" graph paper (1/4" Graph Paper) or grab some from your local store.  Please ensure it's exactly 4 squares per inch!  Measure it to be sure!  People with feet larger than US 11 will probably want to tape two pieces together.  Just trace your barefoot, and I'll add about 1/8"-1/4" around when I make them.  Email me a snap shot of your graph paper trace.  I will take it from there and store your trace for future orders.  BE SURE TO KEEP THE PEN VERTICAL!  If you dip in or out it can cause your trace to be off resulting in an unusable sandal.  I take the barefoot trace and add about 1/4" in key areas.

Video Link:

Graph Paper Measurement Video

Written Instructions:

To trace your foot...

Step 1 - Get a friend to help

Step 2 - Stand on a piece of standard 1/4" graph paper (4 squares per inch).  You can print it out from this link (1/4" Graph Paper) if you don't have any.

Step 3- Friend should sketch the line around the outside of your foot.  KEEP THE PEN VERTICAL!  (just one foot unless they are significantly different)

Step 4- Go all the way around.  KEEP THE PEN VERTICAL!

Step 5- Put a dot where the toe hole will go (like a flip flop)

Step 6- (7-Hole) Put a 1/2" line at the notch between your pinkie toe and the outside bone of your foot (see where the 1/2" webbing goes into the rubber sole. (Slider) Put a 3/4" line at the notch between your pinkie toe and the outside bone of your foot & a 3/4" line at the notch of your big toe.

Step 7- If you're ordering sliders put a 1/2" line just behind the outside & inside ball of your foot (see pic)

Step 8- Put your name, address and color choices on the piece of paper

Step 9- Email me a scan or picture of your graph paper trace.

Step 10- Pay via the website. 

I add a little bit of sandal to the outside of your template.  The final sandals will be about 1/4" bigger than the barefoot trace. It's much better to be a little too big than too small.  The big toe & pinky toe holes need to be accurate on the graph paper.

As with all my sandals, I guarantee them 100%.  If you are unhappy for any reason I will refund or make you a new pair no questions asked.  Happy customers will refer me to others!   

Sandal Adjustment

Video Link:

Sandal Adjustment Video

Written Instructions:

Sandal comes roughly laced from my garage. 

To fine tune:

Step 1- Push/pull webbing through top buckle (shore up/adjust top buckle)

Step 2- Push pull webbing through outside ankle buckle (this will loosen / tighten the heel area)

That's it for 90% of adjustments. 

Step 3- Push/pull webbing through outside ankle buckle (this will loosen / tighten the area from pinky toe across top of foot)

Step 4- Adjust the 3/8" strap which leads to the outside buckle.  Take it apart and adjust it until you're happy.  This strap will only need to be adjusted once.  I do my best to make sure it's factory set for your foot.

Wait for a bit to cut off excess.  Once you do just cut and melt with a match or lighter.  Melt and press to the stitching doesn't come apart.

To take it completely apart...Honestly you'll figure it out, right??  Just do one at a time and keep the factory set one as a template.  You can't hurt them as long as you don't lose the buckles or tubing.  If you do I'll have to mail you new ones.

All sandals are made per your provided measurements.  Obviously, if your barefoot measurements are wrong, your sandals won't fit.  You are always welcome mail be a trace of your barefoot.  It takes a bit longer but you'll be guaranteed to have a perfect fit.  

Link to YouTube Channel:

Paisley Running Sandals YouTube Channel