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  • Polyester Buckle Tie Sandal

    Send me a picture or scan of your barefoot on 1/4" graph paper per youTube Paisley Running Sandals - Graph Paper Trace. Please ensure the graph paper is exactly 4 squares per inch!
    Shoe Size

    The Buckle Tie followed the old school 'classic tie' and preceded the 7-Hole.  It was my first attempt at simplifying the tie process.  It's great for people who are looking for something simple w/ minimal support.  It works great for basic flat road runs.  It's not designed for more aggressive trial or hilly runs as the foot can move around since there's little structural support.  (See my Toe Buckle for a more supportive running sandal.)

    Each sandal is hand crafted to match the provided barefoot dimensions.  (Extra space is allowed on the edge of each sandal.)  Please email me a picture or scan of your barefoot trace on 1/4" graph paper.  See YouTube Paisley Running Sandals - Graph Paper Trace.  I can use the same trace for both the Buckle Tie and 7-Hole.  Please make sure the graph paper is 4 squares per inch.  Please measure it especially if you print it yourself!

    Mix and match all the crazy colors to make a completely customized sandal.  

    Your template is saved for future orders.

    Webbing is super strong.  1 piece design allows for pull/push adjustment for perfect fit.  It is screwed to the toe cord for easy replacement.

    Cordura ballistic nylon tabs under the ankles provide strength and the perfect angle to reduce heel slippage.  I glue and hammer super soft deer skin or sheep skin leather on the inside of the tab.  The cordura is sandwiched between the midsole and tread.

    The webbing passes through 2 slots cut in the reinforced cordura.  The tension is held by a small triglide buckle w/ a small 1/4" brass screw on the vinyl ankle posts.  The screw digs into the underside of the webbing to hold the tension without having to install grommets.  You can push/pull to make adjustments for the perfect fit.  Once adjusted just use the buckle to tighten / loosen.

    Heel area is beeswaxed to reduce slippage. 

    Tri-glide buckle for infinite adjustment.

    A non-slip fabric is glued and saddle stitched to the midsole.  Memory foam is an option.

    Street tread or Trail tread.  (Street tread isn't as nubby.  Trail tread is a zig-zag aggressive tread.)

    Toe cord is made out of colorful parachute cord or bubble lace (name your color and I will get it for you!). 

    Please note, due to excessive shipping costs I typically only ship w/in the USA.  Please contact me if you're willing to pay for international shipping.  It's typically prohibitively expensive, but I'm willing to get a quote and pass the shipping cost to the buyer.