Handmade Custom Sandals
  • Leather 7-Hole

    email pic of your foot trace per youTube video Paisley Running Sandals - Graph paper measurement

    So I've been doing a little research.  I wanted to know what the sandals of the Bible might have looked like.  This is one which I've modified for running. 

    Customers have begun to request a leather option.  I went out and found the best suppliers to offer great quality leather options.  Leather is a little more costly but it tends to mold to your foot better than nylon/polyester.  The toe piece is 3/8" nylon or 3/8" matching leather.  The nylon is very strong but it doesn't stretch.  The leather isn't as strong but it's very forgiving and breaks in beautifully.  

    The 1/2" adjustable strap comes from an amazing Allen, TX supplier.  The leather is an 8oz matte finished latigo leather.  The matte latigo colors (see pic) are quickly ordered in from my supplier.  It just takes a few days.  I can also do a hand painted bag strap leather.  It's the strapping used for high end purses.  I will use my best judgment if you have no preference.  The leather paint allows me to match almost any color!  Angelus Leather Paints gives me access to hundreds of colors!  I quickly paint it and put a clear coat on it.  It's very durable.

    The middle strap is 3/8" nylon.  I find a color that complements the others.  The thin nylon is important to reduce the stretching inherent to all leather.  It is fully adjustable through a side buckle under the outside ankle. 

    Graph paper trace picture required:  With this picture I'm able to make a custom sandal for a very accessible price.  (see youTube Paisley Running Sandals - Graph Paper Measurement).  Just email me a picture of the trace and I can recreate your foot in my shop.  Per the video, please also give me the height of your foot just above the center of your arch.  This allows me to have the two adjustable straps all ready for your foot.  Please make sure you're using graph paper which is exactly 4 squares per inch! 1/4" graph paper.  Some people have made the mistake of using the different graph paper or printed graph paper which isn't scaled properly out of the printer.

    The base is either 6mm Soletech, Vibram, Walkbase or equal.  I glue & sew a non-slip base onto the rubber.  The non-slip grip is standard with all sandals.  A veg tanned leather base is a nice $5 upgrade.  As always it's cut to fit per your supplied measurements.

    I have dozens of possible color combinations.  Please email me if you'd like a snap shot of current in-stock options.  If you're patient I'm always happy to match and order exactly what you're looking for.

    The end result is a very stable, supportive & fashionable sandal.  Wear them loose to kick around or tight to go for a run.  They can even be resoled and reconditioned when the time comes.  A truly sustainable sandal which will perform for hundreds of miles. 

    Please check out Paisley Running Sandals on Facebook or Paisley Running Sandals (My Sandals) on Pinterest.  I post custom sandals as I make them.  It will give you an idea of what's possible.

    Please note, due to excessive shipping costs I typically only ship w/in the USA.  Please contact me if you're willing to pay for international shipping.  It's typically prohibitively expensive, but I'm willing to get a quote and pass the shipping cost to the buyer.